March 3rd, 2019 – Snow!

We woke up this morning to a somewhat moderate snowfall, ultimately resulting in about an inch of snow. Temperatures are looking to get pretty cold tonight, with a revised projected low of 5 degrees! Most of my overwintered lettuce should be alright, but the cold frame seedbed will need some extra protection. I plan to throw a heavy quilt over the frames before it gets too cold this evening. Of course, the chickens despise the snow!

The chickens don’t look so happy.

This cold snap looks to be short-lived, and I hope to plant some spinach in our raised beds later this week, once the soil thaws out enough. In just a few weeks, I will likely be picking up seed potatoes at a local feed store, although other than a crop of early potatoes, I won’t be planting them until the end of April this year. Many folks advocate an early planting of potatoes, but it just seems to me that a later planting right around our last frost always performs the best throughout the summer. I would also prefer a later harvest of main crop potatoes for winter storage. I plan to plant my early potatoes (Yukon gold) around the end of March and my main crop (kennebec) right around late April. The early potatoes should start yielding by mid June for a summer keep, but I likely won’t be harvesting my main crop until sometime in August. 

The cold frames will need some extra protection this evening.

I also plan to winter sow my peppers over the next couple of weeks for a target transplant around Mother’s Day. However, it will likely be the end of March before I put in this year’s tomatoes. I’m still developing my grow list for these crops, but I hope to share it once I’ve finished. 

I also plan to place an order with Park Seed this week for some flower seeds to replace the ones I lost in my little mishap last week. I have never ordered from them before, and I look forward to trying them. 

Wishing a good day to anyone reading.

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